Jupiter Center - Jupiter Center provides its clients the tools to free themselves from limitations in their lives and relationships. Limitations can be the result of uncontrollable and unpredictable circumstances. Limitations can also be self-imposed as a guard against what is unfamiliar and therefore frightening. Freedom gives us choice–but it comes with a price: responsibility for making those choices. Jupiter Center helps people and organizations embrace both choice and responsibility to overcome limitations so they can grow and heal. :.

My Book, Firewalking on Jupiter: A Therapist’s Guide to Fearless Self-discovery

I have many more ideas and writings available in my book.  In fact, many of the chapters in the book are modified versions of previous blog posts on this website. It is available on Amazon.com in both print and Kindle format. This announcement might seem like a shameless plug. I suppose in a way it is. I want people to buy the book because I really think it is pretty good at getting to some of the thorny issues that keep people stuck in difficult places in their lives. It brings most of my previous writings and some new material all together in a single place. It doesn’t need to be read as a “book” because each of the chapters deal with discrete issues like Anger, Depression, Anxiety, Relationship Conflict, Shame, Guilt, Forgiveness and letting go. I hope you will check it out.

A word about confidentiality in my blogs. In the following blogs there are numerous examples of clients in therapy struggling, coping and overcoming different mental health issues. I offer them to illustrate points, to add some interesting ideas, to make the whole enterprise of working in therapy become more real for you, the reader. None of the examples use the names of actual clients. So, if you think you see yourself (as a former or current client) or someone you might know (who is a former or current client), I am glad you can relate to the example, but be assured that I have added, removed, and modified some parts of actual client issues to make the situation different to some extent than it really was.

Copyright, Michael Kinzer. Blog entries and other materials available on Jupiter Center’s website are intended to stimulate thoughts and conversations and to supplement therapy work with clients in therapy at Jupiter Center. If you or someone you know suffers from a mental illness, you are strongly encouraged to seek help from a mental health professional. For further information about this blog, or Jupiter Center, contact Michael Kinzer at 612-701-0064 or michael(at)jupitercenter.com.



Introspection Part 10, Avoiding Narcissism

Having spent the last several months writing about “going inside yourself” (introspection), it occurs to me that I should take a breather and answer the question, “is there such a thing as too much introspection?” I want to say “no” because introspection is so much a part of my life as a therapist and a […]

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Introspection Part 9, Being interesting

In the last blog post, I described the difference between existence (you as you are right now) and being (you in the process of becoming what you want to be).  Being is preferable.  Being means frequently asking yourself where you are headed in your life, your head, your values and morality.  Being isn’t just about goals, although […]

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Introspection Part 8, Self-awareness and being

  “Skynet… becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, August 29th.” From the Movie, Terminator II, 1991   I was on a bus at the age of 14, headed toward work. I was looking down at my hands. I was probably bored, and maybe high on something. I started to move my fingers, watching my […]

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My Book Firewalking on Jupiter is Available at Amazon

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