Why are we called “Jupiter Center?”

Here is a pictoral description of the ancient symbol for Jupiter:

This is a quote about the meaning of the symbol for Jupiter: “Here is the cross of matter combined with the crescent of soul, and the crescent is on top and faces outward. Soul dominating matter….

A modern interpretation of “soul dominating matter” is “mind over matter.”  In other words, what we think and feel about our situation is more important than the situation. We are the product of circumstance, to be sure, and this is where matter comes in. We didn’t choose our birth parents, our race, ethnicity, gender, time in history to be born, or the birth order among siblings.  If this defines us, then we are nothing but circumstance. This cannot be true. And it isn’t true. We have a mind, or a spirit or soul if you like.  We have the freedom to choose how to respond to circumstance, and this is where “mind over matter” comes in.  We are actually right now the product of both our physical world (matter) and our personal choices and responses to the physical world (mind/soul).  We often have little control over circumstance, but always have control over how we choose to respond to it.

Our Location in Uptown, Minneapolis

Lowry Rose Winter-Small

Jupiter Center and Michael Kinzer are located at 2124 Dupont Avenue South, Suite G1, Minneapolis, MN 55405.

The location is an old and very large mansion called the Lowry Rose Building that has been converted to office spaces, occupied entirely by therapists.  My office is located on the “garden level” (that means basement, but it is much nicer than it sounds–really!). One advantage of being on the ground floor is that you can come in at the front entrance and go downstairs, or you can go around back and my office is the first one inside the door.  To get in the back, though, you will need a code for the door (that I will give you if you plan on coming in that way). There is a waiting area on the ground floor, so either way you come in, please wait there so I know where to find you.

The building is located on the corner of Dupont and 22nd, where they both sort of hit Hennepin Avenue. There is a really nice cafe/restaurant across the street called The Tao Cafe. They sell organic food, good coffee and tea and there is a kind of health food/gift store in the back. Because my new location is in the heart of Uptown, there are many other options for grabbing a bite to eat or coffee before a session. Starbucks is only two blocks away, can you believe it!

Please allow time to find parking before your session.

I searched high and low for an office in Minneapolis that had off-street parking, but the only ones I could find were either downtown with a parking ramp (that you would have to pay for) or in some very inconvenient location. Although parking can be a bit tough in Uptown, the location is also very close to the freeway. If you get off 94 at the Hennepin Avenue exit, just go south one block after the first light (Franklin) and take a right and you are there.