About Jupiter Center

Our Location in Minneapolis

Jupiter Center and Michael Kinzer share space with Lyn-Lake Psychotherapy and Wellness at 3033 Excelsior Blvd., Suite 215, Minneapolis, MN 55416. When entering the building, look for signs for Lyn-Lake Psychotherapy. There is no separate signage for me. Lyn-Lake Psychotherapy has several suites in the building. I am in an office inside Suite 215. Once inside Suite 215, just wait for me in the lobby and I will come and find you at the time of your appointment.

Why are we called “Jupiter Center?”

Here is a pictoral description of the ancient symbol for Jupiter:

This is a quote about the meaning of the symbol for Jupiter: “Here is the cross of matter combined with the crescent of soul, and the crescent is on top and faces outward. Soul dominating matter….

A modern interpretation of “soul dominating matter” is “mind over matter.”  In other words, what we think and feel about our situation is more important than the situation. We are the product of circumstance, to be sure, and this is where matter comes in. We didn’t choose our birth parents, our race, ethnicity, gender, time in history to be born, or the birth order among siblings.  If this defines us, then we are nothing but circumstance. This cannot be true. And it isn’t true. We have a mind, or a spirit or soul if you like.  We have the freedom to choose how to respond to circumstance, and this is where “mind over matter” comes in.  We are actually right now the product of both our physical world (matter) and our personal choices and responses to the physical world (mind/soul).  We often have little control over circumstance, but always have control over how we choose to respond to it.