Other Services

Organizational Consultation

At Jupiter Center, we apply the same philosophy to organizations that we apply to individuals and families—be real, address fear and conflict directly, and use your mind/ideas to find the best solution for responding to needs. We provide consultation to design new programs and projects, troubleshoot problematic organizational structures by working with them to resolve bottlenecks, inefficiencies and conflicts. We strive to be involved from the beginning and throughout the process of making the changes we recommend to ensure the changes are meaningful and effective. Read more

Speaking & Workshops

Michael Kinzer was born on a mattress on the floor on a back porch. His father took him out one day, came back without him. Dad said he fell down a sewer, was dead. He wasn’t—dead. As a teenager, he lived in group homes, became addicted to drugs and dropped out of high school. Michael turned his life around, stopped using drugs, went to college, graduated Summa Cum Laude, and earned both a Juris Doctor and Master’s Degree. Along the way, his friends died, or went to prison, or went nowhere at all. How did Michael do it? How is he still doing it—evolving, growing, succeeding? Someone once said, “we don’t learn from our experiences, we learn from reflecting on our experiences.” Maybe that helps explain why Michael continues to find success in a life that began with such an ominous future. Michael has spoken to thousands of people, providing answers to these questions, to audiences ranging from Prince of Peace Lutheran church in Burnsville, to the graduation class at St. Cloud Prison. Read more